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The Complete Guide To Advanced React Patterns




React Native Online Training


Technology Learners


Both Classroom and Online Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

2 Months

React Native Objectives

•Learn how to work with React Native.
•Work with standard programming skills in React Native.
•Learn To Create React Native Programs The Easy Way
•Different tips on how to handle the React Native interviews.
•You will know how to design React Native from scratch.
•Master the latest version of React Native and create real projects
•Students will learn the core concept of making Real Life Project
•An easy way to learn React Native and start coding right away!
•Learn a multitude of React Native to take your skills to the next level!

the complete guide to advanced react patterns Course Highlights

•Get job-ready for an in-demand career
•Course has been framed by Industry experts
•Fast Track course available with best Fees
•We enage Experienced trainers for Quality Training
•We provide Classroom and Online training in Metro Cities
•Hands On Experience – will be provided during the course to practice
•Curriculum based on course outlines defined by in-demand skills in Python.
•This Instructor-led classroom course is designed with an aim to build theoretical knowledge supplemented by ample hands-on lab exercises

Who are eligible for React Native

•.Net,, Application Support, Manual Testing, Business Analyst, Angularjs, Angular6, Angular7, Node.js, Mean Stack, Mern, Dot Net Developer, Fresher
•Java Developer, Front End Developer, Visionplus Developer, Automation Testing, Selenium/ Tosca Testing, Functional Testing, Mainframe Developer, Connex
•Java tech lead,Java Programming, Java / J2Ee Spring, Java Server Pages, Android, IOS Developer, hibernate, Spring, Core Java
•php, wordpress, drupal, Iphone Developer, Android, Java, Team Management, Android Developer, Mobile Application Development
•Software Development, Senior Software Developer, Mean Stack, React.js, Mern Stack, Full Stack, Sql, Spark, Scala, Python, Ui Development


•Getting Started with Advanced Patterns
•(Bonus) PDF:Advanced React Patterns in the Real World: Lessons from OS Libraries
•Why Advanced React Patterns
•Design Patterns and React
•The Medium Clap
•The Medium Clap: Real-world Component for Studying Advanced React Patterns
•Why build the medium clap?
•Setting up your local environment
•How the demo showcase works
•Building and styling the medium clap
•Handling user interactivity
•Higher order components recap
•Beginning to animate the clap
•Creating and updating the animation timeline
•Resolving wrong animated scale
•Animating the clap count
•Animating the total count
•Creating animated bursts!
•Custom Hooks: The first Foundational Pattern
•(Bonus) New to hooks?
•Introduction to Custom Hooks
•Building an animation custom hook
•Why reusability fails – important!
•Custom hooks and refs
•When is my hook invoked?
•The Compound Components Pattern
•Compound components in plain approachable language
•Why compound components?
•How to implement the pattern
•Refactor to Compound components
•Alternative export strategy
•Exposing state via a callback
•Invoking the useEffect callback only after mount!
•Patterns for Crafting Reusable Styles
•Introduction to reusable styles
•Extending styles via a style prop
•Extending styles via a className prop
•The Control Props Pattern
•The Problem to be solved
•What is control props?
•Implementing the pattern
•Practical usage of control props
•Custom Hooks: A Deeper Look at the Foundational Pattern
•A practical and fun usage
•The Props Collection Pattern
•An alternative export strategy
•What are props collections?
•Implementing props collections
•Accessibility and props collections
•The Props Getters Pattern
•What are props getters
•From collections to getters
•Use cases for prop getters
•The State Initialiser Pattern
•What are state initializers?
•First pattern requirement
•Handling resets
•Handling reset side effects
•How usePrevious works
•The State Reducer Pattern
•02 From useState to useReducer
•Passing a user custom reducer
•Exposing the internal reducer and types
•(Bonus) Classifying the Patterns: How to choose the best API
•How the classification works
•Making the right API choice
•Thank you!