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Rocking Aws Cloudformation Cdk With Devops Interview Guide




Devops Online Certification


Job Aspirants


Regular Offline and Online Live Training


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

30 to 45 days

Devops What will you learn?

•Build and deploy web applications Devops.
•Build and run your first application in Devops.
•Learn to how to code and deploy Devops
•Learn about each and every major Devops component.
•Learn how to design and create a Devops app
•Start learning from this excellent course on Devops programming!
•Learn Basic and Advanced Devops Programming and become a Devops Developer
•Understand Devops and how to use it to write styles programmatically in Devops.
•Devops -Learn how to use one component inside an other i.e complex components.

rocking aws cloudformation cdk with devops interview guide Training Features

•Career guidance providing by It Expert
•Course has been framed by Industry experts
•Get Certified at the Best Training Institute.
•The courses range from basic to advanced level
• Greater productivity and increased workforce morale
•Courseware includes reference material to maximize learning.
•Training time :  Week Day / Week End – Any Day Any Time – Students can come and study
•The course is all about familiarizing the trainees with simpler and smarter ways to develop the skills required for Implementation.

Who are eligible for Devops

•c++, React.js, Java Fullstack, Core Java Data Structure, Java Micro-services, Devops, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Automation Testing
•embedded platform software engineers, embedded multimedia developer, Middleware Developers, Android Middleware, device driver developers, c, c++, linux
•Java, Core Java, J2ee, Ui, Java Fullstack, Front End, Angularjs, Angular, React.js, Java Senior Developers, Java Developers, Java Lead, Ui Lead, Ui Developers
•python, django, aws, Data Analytics, Full Stack Developer, Front End, ui/ux design, Ui Development, User Interface Designing, Jquery, Javascript
•Software Development, Senior Software Developer, Mean Stack, React.js, Mern Stack, Full Stack, Sql, Spark, Scala, Python, Ui Development


Course Introduction
•How This Course Is Structured
•Course Resources
•CloudFormation Basics
•How it all Started – Infrastructure as Code
•What is CloudFormation
•CloudFormation Under The Hood
•Demo: Running Our First CloudFormation
•Ways to Run CloudFormation
•Calculating Cost of CloudFormation Stack
•Template Anatomy & Parameters
•Demo: Input Parameters
•Diving Deeper into Parameters
•Intro to Intrinsic Functions
•Pseudo Parameters
•Must Watch: How to Code Any CloudFormation
•Cross-Stack Outputs – What and Why
•Cross-Stack Outputs Demo
•CloudFormation Designer
•Running CloudFormation from AWS CLI
•CloudFormation DevOps Tools
•Quick Intro To DevOps
•DevOps Phases
•Automating CloudFormation – Big Picture
•Install Jenkins on AWS with One Click
•Submit CloudFormation using Jenkins Job
•Automatic Submit of Jenkins from Git
•Pass Cft Parameters in Jenkins Job
•Run CloudFormation using Jenkins Pipeline
•Terraform – What and Why
•Spin Up EC2 using Terraform
•Code any Infrastructure in Terraform using Reference
•CloudFormation Vs Terraform
•AWS CodePipeline Intro
•AWS CodePipeline – Console Look and Feel
•Deploy CloudFormation using AWS CodePipeline
•Pass Parameters using Template Configuration File
•Deploy Cft using Change Set in AWS CodePipeline
•AWS CodePipeline Vs Jenkins
•CDK (Cloud Development Kit)
•CDK – What and Why?
•CDK – How it Works
•CDK Demo – A Word From Your Instructor
•TypeScript – Initial Setup
•TypeScript – Generate Cft and Deploy
•TypeScript – How to Code from Reference (S3)
•Must Watch – CDK CheatSheet!
•TypeScript – Coding for EC2 using Reference
•TypeScript – Switch CDK Target Region and Account
•TypeScript – Deploying CDK for EC2
•CDK Infrastructure CleanUp
•Python – Initial Setup & Deploy
•Python – How to Code from Reference (S3)
•Python – Create Lambda using CDK
•Python – Create API Gateway using CDK
•Protecting CloudFormation
•Understanding IAM Group, Policy, User and Role together
•CloudFormation and IAM
•Demo: Restricting Access Using CloudFormation IAM Role
•Drift Detection – What and Why
•Demo – Drift Detection
•Safeguarding CloudFormation – Termination Protection, Stack Policy and More
•Diving Deeper on Stack Policy
•Advanced CloudFormation
•Nested Stacks
•Demo – Nested Stacks
•Demo – Nested Stacks – Passing Parameters
•Change Sets – What and Why
•Demo – Change Sets
•Quick Serverless & Lambda Primer for Custom Resources
•Custom Resources – What and Why
•Demo – Custom Resources
•StackSets And Hub & Spoke Model – What and Why
•Demo – StackSets
•Optional: Secrets Manager – What and Why
•Dynamic References – Accessing Secrets from CloudFormation
•Dynamic References – Accessing ssm from CloudFormation
•Intro to Helper Scripts
•cfn-init Deeper Dive
•cfn-hup, cfn-signal And cfn-get-metadata
•Creating CloudFormation using CloudFormer (in beta)
•CloudFormation Best Practices
•AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model)
•Quick Word From Instructor
•AWS SAM – What and Why
•Deploying Our First SAM Template
•Deploying Basic Lambda with SAM
•Local Testing Lambda with External Dependency
•Deploying Lambda with External Dependency
•SAM and Regular CloudFormation
•Lambda Events
•S3 triggering Lambda using SAM
•Creating API and Lambda Events using SAM
•Creating Scheduled Lambda using SAM
•Rock Your Cloud Interviews
•Few words before we start
•General Cloud Interview Tips
•Main Areas to Focus for CloudFormation Interview
•Questions on CloudFormation Coding
•Questions on CloudFormation DevOps
•Questions on Learn and Adopt
•Optional: Whiteboarding Interview Tips
•Optional: How I Switched my Career to Cloud!
•It’s Your Turn Now!