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React Django Full Stack




django Online Training Institute


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Regular Offline and Online Live Training


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

60 Days

django What will you learn?

•Understand the concepts django
•Learn how to use advanced django functions.
•Learn To Create django Programs The Easy Way
•Learn End to End django complete ground up
•Learning and Creating a complete django project in depth
•Learn fundamentals of django for Beginners: Practical and hands-on learning
•An easy way to learn one of the widely used django
•How to setup a django script and Interface in real time development.
•Learn django from beginner to advanced level. Learn with examples and interactive sessions.

react django full stack Training Features

•You Get Real Time Project to practice
•We  Groom up your documents and profiles
•We assist on Internship on Real-Time Project 
•We Provide the Course Certificate of completion
•Facility of Lab on cloud available (based on booking)
•Courseware that is curated to meet the global requirements
•Training time :  Week Day / Week End – Any Day Any Time – Students can come and study
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for django

•Big Data, E-commerce, Cloud Computing, Sap, Erp, Application Programming, Web Development
•Iot, Embedded Systems, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth, Web Designing, Responsive Web Design, Visual Web Developer, Aws, Cloud Computing, Algorithm
•Microsoft Azure, Azure, Sql Azure, Cloud Computing, Cloud Testing, SQL, Cognos Framework Manager, Query Studio, Oracle, Business Objects, Issue Resolution
•php, wordpress, drupal, Iphone Developer, Android, Java, Team Management, Android Developer, Mobile Application Development
•WCS, Hybris, ATG, Java, Linux Administrator, mobile, ECommerce Technologies, Testing, UI, Big Data, Cloud, iOS, Android


Project requirements
•Technology overview
•Django Introduction
•Python Installation
•Virtual environment
•Creating Project
•PyCharm IDE
•Files overview and new app
•User and admin
•Field options
•Field types
•Class Views
•Model objects methods
•Dynamic templates
•Admin customisation
•Postman & HTTP methods
•One to one
•One to many
•Many to many
•Django API project
•Starting API project
•Testing API
•Custom method
•Request Data
•Update and Create
•Token Auth
•Register User
•React Introduction
•Create App
•Files overview
•Life Cycle methods
•Conditional display
•Loops and keys
•Hooks – state
•Hooks – effects
•React project
•Create Project
•List component
•Fetch data
•Details component
•Passing data between components
•First POST method
•Update View
•Delete Method
•Setting up controls
•Form inputs
•Update and Save
•Token and Cookies
•React Native Introduction
•Framework overview
•Running your app
•Components, props and state
•User inputs
•Platform specific code
•Icon and splash screen
•React Native project
•Initialising project
•Getting data from Django
•Styling list
•Enable Navigation
•Passing params
•Icons for rating
•Top bar
•Edit component
•PUT method
•Fetch from localhost
•Rate UI
•Rate request
•POST new record
•Delete record
•Login UI
•Deploy Apps
•Heroku overview
•Preparing Django for Heroku
•Deploying to Heroku
•Firebase account
•Deploy React App