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Python Digital Forensics Binary Exploits With Python




Python Training Insitute


All Job Seekers


Online and Classroom Sessions


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

30 to 45 days

Python Objectives

•Learn how to work with Python.
•Learn how to use advanced Python functions.
•Learn how to integrate and customize Python code.
•learn How to use Test driven Development in Python.
•Understand when and how to use Python elements variables.
•Discuss all the principles of Python and demonstrate though Assignment.
•You will Learn How to Create and Use Model in Python.
•Understand Python and how to use to build web applications on to Python.
•Have an understand of Python and how to apply it in your own programs

python digital forensics binary exploits with python Training Features

•You Get Real Time Project to practice
• First step to landing an entry-level job
•Fast Track course available with best Fees
•We Provide the Course Certificate of completion
•We provide Classroom and Online training in Metro Cities
•Project manager can be assigned to track candidates’ performance
•Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the concepts
•We help the students in building the resume boost their knowledge by providing useful Interview tips

Who are eligible for Python

•Android, Web Design, IOS, Android Development, Android Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Android Software Developer, Android Application Developer
•Cognos Developer, Ab initio developer, Java Developers, .net Architects, Informatica, MSBI, Tivoli Monitoring, Oracle Apps functional and technical, change
•Microsoft Azure, Azure, Sql Azure, Cloud Computing, Cloud Testing, SQL, Cognos Framework Manager, Query Studio, Oracle, Business Objects, Issue Resolution
•OBIEE, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle apps DBA, Oracle core DBA, Apex Developer, Java/J2EE developer, Data Architect, Orcale Fusion
•Software Engineer, Business Operational Analyst, Project Manager, Software Test Engineer, Android Developers, HTML5 Developers, IT Help Desk, IT Freshers


Python Digital Forensics
•The Course Overview
•Learning Dshell
•Working with Scapy
•Importing Scapy Modules
•Introduction to Impacket
•Enumerating Directories
•Populating File Properties
•Querying the Registry
•Exploring Portable Executables
•Exploring File Properties
•Deeper File Properties
•Parsing System Logs
•Reading the Journal
•Analyzing Windows Memory
•Capturing Linux Memory
•Analyzing Linux Memory
•Port Enumeration
•Post Enumeration
•Data Exfiltration
•Test your knowledge
•Binary Exploits with Python
•EXE Hacking with OllyDbg
•Creating Malware with Metasploit
•Adding Trojans to EXE Files
•Introductory Assembly Language
•Challenge 1: Patching an EXE
•Challenge 2: Patching 19 and 256 EXEs
•Challenge 3: Assembly Language Programming
•Ping Form (with Challenge)
•String Overflow (with Challenge)
•ImageMagick (with Challenge)
•SQL Injection
•SQL Injection Challenges
•Redirecting Execution
•Using Shellcode
•Using Msfvenom
•Format String Vulnerability
•Heap Overflow
•Stack Buffer Overflow
•Defeating Address Space Layout Randomization
•Defeating Data Execution Prevention
•Heap Spray
•Exploiting the SEH
•Fuzzing with SPIKE
•Challenges: KSTET and GMON