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Python A 3 Step Process To Master Python Plus Coding Tips




Python Online Courses


Lateral Entry Professionals and Freshers


Online and Offline Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

Fast Track and Regular 60 Days

Python Objectives

•How to work with Python Tool.
•Work with standard programming skills in Python.
•Implement Python in your apps and integrate it.
•Learn about each and every major Python component.
•Learn Python programming best pracitices, SOLID, Design and more!
•Learn Python) quickly, easily and effectively by using this course
•Get straight to the point! Learn the basics of Python
•Learn Python. Become Developer in Test and Kick-start your Career in IT.
•You will be able to develop top class apps and think like a programmer

python a 3 step process to master python plus coding tips Training Highlights

•Real-world skills + project portfolio
•Course has been framed by Industry experts
•We assist on Internship on Real-Time Project 
•Classes are Accessible on Website and Mobile Apps
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•Repeating of lectures allowed (based on seat availability)
•We provide one to one mentorship for the students and Working Professionals
• Our dedicated HR department will help you search jobs as per your module & skill set, thus, drastically reducing the job search time

Who are eligible for Python

•Big Data, E-commerce, Cloud Computing, Sap, Erp, Application Programming, Web Development
•DBA, Developers, Programmers, Software Engineers, QA Managers, Product Managers, Development Managers, Mobile Developers, IOS Developers, Android
•Ms Crm, Guidewire, Sdm, Sde2, Qae, Sdet, Jbpm, Ext Js, Windows Admin, Full Stack, Aem, Spark, Hadoop, Big Data, Data Engineer, Azure, Cloud, OpentextOBIEE, OBIA, ODI, PHP, QA, Oracle Apps DBA, SQL Sever DBA, Dot Net Developer, Automation Testing, Informatica Developer, UI Designer, Agile PLM
•Web Application Developers, Java Developers, DBA LEAD, DBA Manager, Asset Control developer, embedded software engineer, oracle applications technical


Visual Studio Code
•Installing Visual Studio Code
•Variables & Data Types
•Python Data Types
•Python Variables
•Data Types
•Python Data Type Conversion
•Variable Operators
•Write a simple “Hello World” Program
•If-Statements and Conditional Logic
•If-Statements and Conditional Logic in Python
•Loops and Iteration
•Loops and Iteration in Python
•2D Arrays
•Multidimensional Arrays & Examples
•Function in Python
•File Input/ Output
•Input/ Output and Files in Python
•Python Introduction Quiz
•Hyper Coding Practice Test
•Object-oriented Programming
•Objects and Classes
•Encapsulation and Data Hiding
•Message Passing
•Generalization and Specification
•Links and Associations
•Super Coding Practice Test
•Advanced Concepts in Python
•Sending Emails to multiple receivers with Python
•XML parsing
•Multithreading in Python
•Create a function that will add 2 integers and print their sum.
•Write a “Greetings” Function
•Print the sum of the numbers 1 to n
•Write a Python program to check if the input number is prime or not.
•Python Program to Find the Factorial of a Number
•Python Program to Check Armstrong Number
•Write a Program to Check if a Given Number is an Ugly Number.
•Python Mid Quiz
•Beyond Python: From Python to SQL – Using Databases to Store Data
•Why SQL is so important?
•Setting up XAMPP, Apache, MySQL Database Server and SQLYOG as a Database Client
•Starting Database Services
•Creating our 1st Database
•Dropping your 1st Database and Recreating it
•Creating our First Tables in our Database
•Dropping Tables in a Database
•Insert Statements
•Create a Table based on Another Table
•Select Statement
•Where Clause
•Operators in SQL Statements
•Update Data using Update Queries
•Delete Data with Delete Statements
•Like Operators in Where Clause
•Limit Data using LIMIT/ TOP/ ROWNUM in MYSQL/ MSSQL/ Oracle Databases
•Using Order-By Clause to Order Data
•Using Group-By Clause to Group Data Based on Columns
•Using Distinct Clause To Return only Unique Values
•TRUNCATE TABLE Command to Delete the Data Inside a Table and Conclusions
•Introduction to Programming & Sequence and Python Programming Language
•3 Tips to Get More Value Out of this Course
•Introduction to Python