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Learn Dart Flutter For Native Mobile Apps Development




Flutter Professional Course


All Job Seekers


Online and Offline Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

60 Days

Flutter Objectives

•Understand the concepts in Flutter
•Learn how to use advanced Flutter functions.
•Learn how to write high-quality code using Flutter.
•How to create your own Flutter components from scratch.
•Learn about Flutter in a step by step approach
•Learn Flutterat a minimal cost and enjoy the instructor support.
•How to focus on writing the correct code to execute Flutter.
•you will be confident in your skills as a Developer / designer
•This course is designed for any graduates as well as Software Professionals who are willing to learn Flutter.

learn dart flutter for native mobile apps development Training Highlights

•Advanced Topics covered with examples
•Course has been framed by Industry experts
•Software & others tools installation Guidance
•Best Opportunity To Both Learn And Work From Home
•We Also provide Case studies for Online Training Courses
•Repeating of lectures allowed (based on seat availability)
•Make aware of code competence in building extensive range of applications using Python
•Lifetime access to our 24×7 online support team who will resolve all your technical queries, through ticket based tracking system.

Who are eligible for Flutter

•Cloud Computing, Information Security, Network Security, Windows System Administration, Windows Server
•full stack web developer, Core Java, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Html5, Css3, Bootstrap, Node.js, Mysql, Mongodb
•Ms Crm, Guidewire, Sdm, Sde2, Qae, Sdet, Jbpm, Ext Js, Windows Admin, Full Stack, Aem, Spark, Hadoop, Big Data, Data Engineer, Azure, Cloud, OpentextOBIEE, OBIA, ODI, PHP, QA, Oracle Apps DBA, SQL Sever DBA, Dot Net Developer, Automation Testing, Informatica Developer, UI Designer, Agile PLM
•Software Development, Senior Software Developer, Mean Stack, React.js, Mern Stack, Full Stack, Sql, Spark, Scala, Python, Ui Development


Learning Dart – Build Your First App with Flutter
•The Course Overview
•Download, Install, and Set Up the Required Softwares
•Set Up a Repository in GitLab
•Initialize the Flutter App Using the Command-Line Tool
•The Boilerplate from Flutter
•Add a Basic Layout Using Layout Widgets
•Build the Message Widgets
•Create a JSON File for the Messages
•Improve the Layout of Chat Messages
•Simulate Sending a Message
•A Short Firebase Introduction
•Adding a Firebase Cloud Firestore Database
•Introduction to Firebase Authentication
•Add Firebase Dependencies
•Add Google-Sign In to the App
•Add Firestore Connection
•Listing and Adding Messages
•Adding a Contacts List
•Adding a Friend
•Use Firestore in ChatHistory
•Cleaning the Codes
•Putting the Application Together
•Test your knowledge
•Flutter in 7 Days
•Basic Structure and Creating Flutter Project
•Stateless Widgets
•Stateful Widgets
•Assignment Solution
•Text, Images, and Padding
•Rows and Columns
•Scaffold and AppBar
•ListView and ListTile
•How Animations Work?
•Create Animations
•Animated Cross Fade
•Fade Transition
•Hero Animations
•Add HTTP package
•Redux EThe Need
•Redux Example EPart 1
•Redux Example EPart 2
•Register for Pexels API
•Application Architecture
•Fetch Data
•Home Page (Wallpapers Tab)
•Home Page (Wallpapers Tab Pull to refresh)
•Home Page (Search Tab)
•Building Final APK (Release)
•Real-World Projects with Flutter
•Create Mockup UI to Visualize the App
•Implement the Widget Tester to Test the Weather Widget
•Get JSON Weather Data to Display the Live Weather
•Add Location Support to Display Local Weather
•Create Unit Tests for Testing API Methods
•Integrate Google Cloud Support to Access Google Maps
•Integrate Location with Maps to View Local Location
•Use Google Maps Web Service for a List of Nearby Cafes
•Use Google Map Markers to Display the Cafes
•Create Card to Display Cafe Information and Route
•Create Home Page to Visualize Look and Feel
•Create Carousel for Switching between Drinks
•Integrate Scoped Model Design Pattern for Sharing State
•Add AlertDialog for Placing Drinks Order
•Implement Integration Tests for Testing Entire App
•Create Mockup UI for App Look and Feel
•Create QR Codes for Coffee Shop Products
•Use Firebase ML Kit to Detect QR Code
•Set Up Camera for QR Code Scanning
•Use BLoC Pattern to Manage State Changes
•Use the Camera Plugin for Capturing Images
•Implement Gallery to Display Image Thumbnails
•Use Flutter Redux for Managing State Change
•Build and Release for Publishing Android Apps
•Implement Google Sign In for Login
•Use Cloud Firestore to Hold Chat Messages
•Add Firebase Storage to House Images
•Build and Release for Publishing iOS Apps