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Hands-on Unix Or Linux Commands With Grep, Awk, Sed & More !




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Both Classroom and Online Classes


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Duration :

2 Months

Linux What will you learn?

•Deploy Linux to host your application.
•Work with standard programming skills in Linux .
•You will learn basics of programming in Linux
•A introductory understanding of how to program in Linux .
•Learn about Linux in a step by step approach
•Learn how to build bug-free, memory safe applications and programs
•This course will teach you how to get moving in Linux .
•Create Apps using Linux From Scratch and scale it up to any level
•You will be able to develop top class apps and think like a programmer

Hands-on Unix or Linux Commands with grep, awk, sed & more ! Course Features

•Advanced Topics covered with examples
•Basic Training starting with fundamentals
•Software & others tools installation Guidance
•We enage Experienced trainers for Quality Training
•We provide Classroom and Online training in Metro Cities
•We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes
•Our trainers have experience in training End Users & Students & Corporate employees.
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for Linux

•.Net,, C#, Angular, React, .Net Developer, Ui, Ui Development, Single Page Application, Sql, Product Development
•Embedded Technologies, Semiconductor Technologies, Web Services, Database Services, Cloud Computing, Industrial Automation, Ecommerce, Datbase Architect
•Javascript, Mysql, Hybrid Developer, Html5, Css3, Php, WordPress, WordPress Cms, Html, Css, Business Development, Sales, Email Marketing, Lead
•scala, React.js, Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, Fullstack Developers, Ui/ux Designers, Test Engineering, Site Reliability Engineer, Machine Learning
•Xml Publisher, Php Developer, Android Application Development, Html Tagging, E-publishing, Software Development


Let’s learn basics to transform your career. I promise not to exhaust you with huge number of videos. Welcome to the most comprehensive Practical hands-on UNIX or Linux Command Line course! An excellent choice for beginners and professionals looking to expand their knowledge on one of the most popular Practical Unix or Linux Commands in the world such as most informative form of files and directory listing as well operations, searching patterns across the contents, hands-on on columnar data, sorting, hands-on experience with stream editor, practical production ways to compression and un-compress files, Linux operating system installation without disturbing your current operating system as well as advance commands with global search operations and more. Start Practical hands-on UNIX or Linux Command Line course offers video tutorials on the basics of most powerful and popular and advance commands extensively used in today’s unix or linux practical worlds. Why learn hands-on UNIX or Linux Command Line? Everyone someday will need to login to unix or linux environment to perform some basic yet powerful tasks to solve the business purpose if you are working in Information Technology world. Since Unix or Linux operating systems are most robust and secure operating systems and they are most used. So, it is must for every student as well as for every IT Professional to have knowledge of basic command line Whether you’re a student or any IT Professional willing upskill or learn or planning to transit yourself to unix or linux related roles, Practical hands-on UNIX or Linux Command Line course offers you an incredible introduction to most powerful and popular unix or linux commands!

Eligiblity for Certification :

Anyone who want to start with Practical Unix or Linux Command Line in short period of time. Students, Software Professional, Production Support Engineers who are curios about unix or linux commands Tester, Automation Tester, Manual Tester who want to work in unix or linux environment DBA, Mainframe Developer who want to get themselves familiar with Unix or Linux Command Line Managers who want to get themselves familiar with Unix or Linux Command Line System Administrators who want to get themselves familiar with Unix or Linux Command Line Professional working in java, .NET, python, database, or any field of computer RPA Developer, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers Anyone who want upskill themselves in unix or linux commands Every IT Professional will someday need to login to unix or linux in their career