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Fuji Plc Programming From Scratch Wprolad For Wszsoft




C Programming Professional Course


Graduates and Technology Aspirants


Both Classroom and Online Classes


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

Fast Track and Regular 60 Days

C Programming What will you learn?

•How to Get Certified in C Programming.
•C Programming Script How to apply and use it.
•Learn Everything you need to know about C Programming!
•Build deploy and run your C Programming configuration and code.
•Learn the Basic Concepts of C Programming with Practical Examples
•Learn all the relevant skills needed to use C Programming efficiently
•Easy learning Mastering C Programming 4 with hands-on theory and practice guides
•Learn the basics of C Programming and get up and running quickly
•Learn how to code in C Programming. This class is set up for complete beginners!

fuji plc programming from scratch wprolad for wszsoft Course Features

•Real-world skills + project portfolio
•Certificate after completion of the course
•Flexible batch timings – Weekend & weekdays.
•Classes are Accessible on Website and Mobile Apps
• Greater productivity and increased workforce morale
•Access to a huge closet containing information about Hadoop
•Training time :  Week Day / Week End – Any Day Any Time – Students can come and study
•We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts

Who are eligible for C Programming

•.Net,, Application Support, Manual Testing, Business Analyst, Angularjs, Angular6, Angular7, Node.js, Mean Stack, Mern, Dot Net Developer, Fresher
•Data Analysis, Data Management, Data Mining, Specification Writing, Software Developer, DBA Consultant, Content Writer, .PHP, .NET, Developer, Network
•Ms Crm, Guidewire, Sdm, Sde2, Qae, Sdet, Jbpm, Ext Js, Windows Admin, Full Stack, Aem, Spark, Hadoop, Big Data, Data Engineer, Azure, Cloud, OpentextPhp Developer, Web Designing, Telecaller, Web Designer, Css, Javascript, Ajax, Bootstrap, Mysql, Web Technologies, Web Development, Ui Developer
•Storage Domain Professionals, SAN, NAS, Devops Engineer, Developer – Storage Domain, File System, Storage Domain, RAID, CIFS, NFS, Linux, Kernel Programming


Overview of PLC
•Block Diagram of PLC
•Working Principle of PLC (Scan Time and Scan Cycle of PLC)
•What is Sink and Source concept?
•PNP and NPN wiring of sensor with PLC (Example Sink and Source Input)
•Wiring Connection and Communication of PLC
•Basics of FUJI PLC
•Functions and features of FUJI PLC
•Software Interface of WinProladder
•Data types in FUJI PLC
•Addressing Format in FUJI PLC
•Basics of Ladder diagram
•The IEC 1131 STANDARD and Programming Language
•Bit Logics (NO Type)
•Bit Logics (NC Type and Output Coil)
•Basic Programming Rule 1
•Basic Programming Rule 2
•Basic Programming Rule 3
•Basic Programming Rule 4
•Basic Programming Rule 5
•Basic Programming Rule 6
•First program in WinProladder
•Problem 1 With Solution
•Problem 2 With Solution
•Problem 3 With Solution
•Ladder Logic Program for Boolean Expression
•Logic Gates (AND & OR Gate)
•Logic Gates (AND & OR Gate) in Software
•Logic Gates (NAND & NOR Gate)
•Logic Gates (NAND & NOR Gate) in Software
•Logic Gates (EX-OR & EX-NOR Gate)
•Logic Gates (EX-OR & EX-NOR Gate) in Software
•Transition Up(TU) And Transition Down(TD) Input
•Differential Up(DIFU) And Difeerential Down(DIFD) Output
•Latching and Unlatching
•Latching (Holding) and Unlatching Concept in Software
•Latching and Unlatching Problem-1
•Latching and Unlatching Problem-1 Solution Explanation
•Latching and Unlatching Problem-1 Solution in Software
•Set and Reset Instruction in Software
•Interlocking Concept
•Interlocking Concept in Software
•Different Types Of Timer In WinProladder
•0.1S Timer
•1S Timer
•How To Provide Variable Time Delay
•How To Stop Current Value Up to pre-set Value
•Problem1 With Solution
•Problem2 With Solution
•Different Types Of Counters In WinProladder
•16-Bit Counter
•32-Bit Counter
•Up-Down Counter
•Data Transfer Instruction
•Output Terminal Compare Instruction (Unsigned)
•Input Terminal Compare Instruction (Signed)
•Input Type Comparison(=,>,<,<>,>=,=<)
•Calculation Instruction