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CompTIA Pentest+




CompTIA PenTestTech Training


Lateral Entry Professionals and Freshers


Regular Offline and Online Live Training


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

30 to 45 days

CompTIA PenTest Objectives

•How to Properly Install CompTIA PenTest .
•Learn how to perform cross-validation in CompTIA PenTest .
•How to write clean production-ready code using CompTIA PenTest .
•Learn how to handle errors and exceptions in CompTIA PenTest .
•Write Compile and Run codes and apps using CompTIA PenTest .
•You can learn CompTIA PenTest to code like a pro!
•This course will teach you how to get moving in CompTIA PenTest .
•Build a strong knowledge base on CompTIA PenTest from Scratch to Advanced level
•Learn the absolute basics about CompTIA PenTest from scratch and take your skills to another level

CompTIA Pentest+ Course Highlights

•Free Aptitude classes & Mock interviews
•25+ projects for good Learning experience
•Flexible batch timings – Weekend & weekdays.
•Classes are Accessible on Website and Mobile Apps
•60+ Hours of Intensive Classroom & Online Sessions
• Finessing your tech skills and help break into the IT field
•We provide one to one mentorship for the students and Working Professionals
•We help the students in building the resume boost their knowledge by providing useful Interview tips

Who are eligible for CompTIA PenTest

•c++, React.js, Java Fullstack, Core Java Data Structure, Java Micro-services, Devops, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Automation Testing
•Deep Learning, C, C++, Algorithm, Data Structures, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Development, C++ Developer, C Programming, Programming, Gpu
•Java Developer, Quality Assurance, Core Java, Spring Mvc, Spring Boot, hibernate, jpa, Web Services, json, maven, angularjs, mysql, Sql Server, Tomcat, Uml
•Object Oriented Programming, Cloud Computing, Java, Testing, Web Designing, Design, Front End, Javascript, It Infrastructure, Software Development, Support
•Web Application Developers, Java Developers, DBA LEAD, DBA Manager, Asset Control developer, embedded software engineer, oracle applications technical


The CompTIA PenTest+ certification verifies that successful candidates have the knowledge and skills required to plan and scope an assessment, understand legal and compliance requirements, perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, analyse data, and effectively report and communicate results. Successful candidates will have the intermediate skills required to customise assessment frameworks to effectively collaborate on and report findings. Candidates will also have the best practices to communicate recommended strategies to improve the overall state of IT security.

Eligiblity for Certification :

Security Analysts Penetration Testers Vulnerability Testers Network Security Operations Application Security Vulnerability Testers