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CCNA V6.0 Practice Exam




Cisco CCNATraining Insitute


Freshers and Career Changers


Online and Classroom Sessions


Week Days and Week Ends

Duration :

60 Days

Cisco CCNA What will you learn?

•Learn how to work with Cisco CCNA .
•Cisco CCNA Script How to apply and use it.
•Become a better developer by mastering Cisco CCNA fundamentals
•Learn a few useful and important topics in Cisco CCNA .
•Learn while you build rich interactive applications with Cisco CCNA
•Discuss all the principles of Cisco CCNA and demonstrate though Assignment.
•Understand and make use the new Features and Concepts in Cisco CCNA
•You will have a strong understanding about how to develop Cisco CCNA project.
•Learn the absolute basics about Cisco CCNA from scratch and take your skills to another level

CCNA v6.0 Practice Exam Course Highlights

•Most comprehensive Industrry curriculum
•Free technical support for students
•Job Placement Assistance with Good Companies
•Personal attention and guidance for every student
•Assignments and test to ensure concept absorption.
•Access to a huge closet containing information about Hadoop
•Training time :  Week Day / Week End – Any Day Any Time – Students can come and study
• Our dedicated HR department will help you search jobs as per your module & skill set, thus, drastically reducing the job search time

Who are eligible for Cisco CCNA

•c++, React.js, Java Fullstack, Core Java Data Structure, Java Micro-services, Devops, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Automation Testing
•Core Java, java, python, php, plsql, Ios Development, Android Development, Software Development, Software Testing, hadoop, cloud, devops, Technical Support
•Lamp/mean Stack Developers, Php, Node.js, Ui Development, Html5, WordPress, Ecommerce Development, jquery, Web Development, javascript, mysql, ajax, React.js
•OBIEE, OBIA, ODI, PHP, QA, Oracle Apps DBA, SQL Sever DBA, Dot Net Developer, Automation Testing, Informatica Developer, UI Designer, Agile PLM
•Storage Domain Professionals, SAN, NAS, Devops Engineer, Developer – Storage Domain, File System, Storage Domain, RAID, CIFS, NFS, Linux, Kernel Programming


Cisco CCNA is one of the most demanding course in today’s world. Companies are looking for Cisco Certified candidates with good salary and benefits, but it’s not easy to pass without proper preparations. In order to pass the exam you must know the theory very well but also have high level hands-on skills, that will help you to pass an exam and even to get shortlisted in during interview. Here i have brought this course that will prepare you nearly 100% for your exam. The course consist on such topics. like, CCNA General Routing Questions CCNA RSTP Questions CCNA– WAN Related Questions CCNA – VTP and VLAN Lab Questions CCNA– EIGRP Lab Questions CCNA – EIGRP Troubleshooting Sim CCNA – RIPv2 Simulation Lab Questions CCNA – DHCP Commonly Asked Questions CCNA DNS Questions and Answers with Explanation CCNA– Access Lists Lab Sim CCNA– Access Lists Questions CCNA Access Lists Questions and Answers 2 CCNA – NAT Simulation question CCNA ACLs Commonly Asked Questions. CCNA– Frame Relay Lab Questions CCNA– Frame Relay Basic Questions CCNA PPP Questions & Answers with Explanation CCNA – OSI & TCPIP Questions CCNA – Syslog Questions CCNA – Drag and Drop Questions CCNA – NetFlow Questions CCNA – Troubleshooting Questions CCNA Troubleshooting Questions 2. CCNA – SNMP Questions. CCNA – IPv6 Questions CCNA – Trunking Questions CCNA – Security Questions CCNA – General Questions. CCNA – STP Questions CCNA – EtherChannel Questions CCNA LAN Switching Questions CCNA QOS Questions CCNA – Common WAN Questions CCNA – MPLS Question CCNA – OSPF Lab Questions and every question is clearly explained. Adding New Questions everyday Get enrolled now and pass your exam with very first attempt.

Eligiblity for Certification :

Anyone who is looking to get CCNA certified or even those who are looking to advance their interview skills.