The Complete Machine Learning Course with Python

What you’ll learn Machine Learning Engineers earn on average $166,000 – become an ideal candidate with this course! Solve any problem in your business, job or personal life with powerful Machine Learning models Train machine learning algorithms to predict house prices, identify handwriting, detect cancer cells & more Go from zero to hero in Python, […]

Build Next-Level Apps w/ TensorFlow, Python & Sketch

What you’ll learn Improve your projects to make faster apps and more accurate models. Build and run Python projects. Build and run Android projects. Wireframe apps and make your own libraries. Create dynamic user interface elements. And more! Introduction to Machine Learning and Software Source Files   Intro to Android Intro and Topics List   […]

The Complete Python 3 Masterclass – From Beginner To Pro

What you’ll learn From 0 to 100: From beginner to python all-rounder Become a sought-after developer Write real desktop applications with Qt Use a crawler to extract data from web pages Challenge yourself with quizzes and exercises Everything explained with simple examples Understand the “why” behind it Evaluate data and create DataScience analyses Learn and […]