What you’ll learn

  • Improve your projects to make faster apps and more accurate models.
  • Build and run Python projects.
  • Build and run Android projects.
  • Wireframe apps and make your own libraries.
  • Create dynamic user interface elements.
  • And more!

Introduction to Machine Learning and Software

Source Files


Intro to Android

Intro and Topics List


Intro to Android Studio

Downloading and Installing Android Studio
Exploring Interface
Setting up an Emulator and Running Project


Intro to Java

Intro to Language Basics
Variable Types
Operations on Variables
Array and Lists
Array and List Operations
If and Switch Statements
While Loops
For Loops
Functions Intro
Parameters and Return Values
Classes and Objects Intro
Superclass and Subclasses
Static Variables and Axis Modifiers


Intro to App Development

Intro To Android App Development
Building Basic UI
Connecting UI to Backend
Implementing Backend and Tidying UI


Intro to ML Concepts

Intro to ML
Pycharm Files


Intro to Pycharm

Intro and Topics List
Learning Python with Mammoth Interactive



Downloading and Installing Pycharm and Python
Exploring Pycharm


Python Language Basics

Intro to Variables
Variables Operations and Conversions
Collection Types
Collections Operations
Control Flow If Statements
While and For Loops
Classes and Objects


Intro to Tensorflow

Topics List
Importing Tensorflow to Pycharm
Constant Nodes and Sessions
Variable Nodes
Placeholder Nodes
Operation nodes
Loss, Optimizers, and Training
Building a Linear Regression Model
Source Files


Machine Learning in Android Studio Projects

Introduction to Level 2


Tensorflow Estimator

Topics List
Setting up Prebuilt Estimator Model
Evaluating and Predicting with Prebuilt Model
Building Custom Estimator Function
Testing the Custom Estimator Function
Summary and Model Comparison
Source Files


Intro to Android Machine Learning Model Import

Intro and Demo
Topics List
Formatting and Saving the Model
Saving the Optimized Graph File
Starting Android Project
Building the UI
Implementing Inference Functionality
Testing and Error Fixing
Source Files


Simple MNIST

Intro and Demo
Topics List and Intro to MNIST Data
Building Computational Graph
Training and Testing the Model
Saving and Freezing the Graph for Android Import
Setting up Android Studio Project
Building the UI
Loading Digit Images
Formatting Image Data
Making Prediction Using Model
Displaying Results and Summary
Simple MNIST – Mammoth Interactive


MNIST with Estimator

Topics List
Building Custom Estimator Function
Building Input Functions, Training, and Testing
Predicting Using Our Model and Model Comparisons
MNIST With Estimator – Mammoth Interactive


Advanced MNIST

Intro and Demo
Topics List
Building Neuron Functions
Building the Convolutional Layers
Building Dense, Dropout, and Readout Layers
Writing Loss and Optimizer Functions and Training and Testing
Optimizing Saved Graph
Setting up Android Project
Setting Up UI
Load and Display Digit Images
Formatting Model Input
Displaying Results and Summary
Source Files


Intro to Tensorboard

Examining Computational Graph In Tensorboard
Analyzing Scalars and Histograms
Modifying Model Parameters Across Multiple Runs
Source Code


Increase Efficiency of Machine Learning Models

Introduction – Improving Model Efficiency
Source Code
Intro to Tensorflow Lite


Text Summarizer

Exploring How Model Is Built
Exploring Training and Summarizing Mechanisms
Exploring Training and Summarizing Code
Testing the Model
Text Summarizer Pycharm Files


Object Localization

Examining Project Code
Testing with a Mobile Device


Object Recognition

Examining Code
Testing on Mobile Device


Introduction to Sketch

Course Introduction
Sketch Installation
What is Sketch
UI Introduction
Layer View Intro
Inspector View Intro
Toolbar Intro


Sketch Tools and Basics

Pencil Vector Tool
Shapes Exercise
Artboard Fundamentals
Essentials about Text
What To Know About Colors
Layer Styles
Project – Calculator UI
Sketch Project Files – Mammoth Interactive


Creating Vector Graphics from Drawings

Creating Vector Graphics from Drawings


Online Resources and Plugins

Finding Inspiration
Finding Stock Images
Creating Color Palettes
Finding Fonts Online


Designing Your First Mobile App

Libraries Intro
Creating Your Own Libraries
Creating Dynamic UI Elements
Mobile Landing Page Activity
Creating the Log In Screen for our Application
Creating the Main Screen of Our Application
Creating the Settings Page for our Application
Creating Application User List
Create An App Icon
Creating a Landing Page
Sketch Project Files – Waves App by Mammoth Interactive


Shortcuts and Extra Tips

Useful Shortcuts in Sketch
Creating your Own Sketch Shortcuts
Using the Layout Grid
Sketch Cloud
Using Sketch Mirror
Sketch Files – Shortcuts by Mammoth Interactive


Animation Tools

Basic Animations Using Anima Timeline
More Animations Using Principle
Using the Paddy Plugin
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Bonus Lecture: Mammoth Interactive Deals

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