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Daily 2 hrs during Weekdays

Azure Cloud Objectives

•Learn to use tools in Azure Cloud.Understand how to navigate and use Azure Cloud.
•Implement Azure Cloud in your apps and integrate it.
•Different Azure Cloud practical questions asked during real time interviews .
•Learn How to interact with Azure Cloud, Step By Step
•Learn how to build bug-free, memory safe applications and programs
•Learn all the hooks and crooks of Azure Cloud at your pace.
•Go through all the steps to designing a game from start to finish.Learn Azure Cloud programming in easy steps from begining to advanced with example based training approach

azure serverless hands on learning Training Features

•Post training offline support available
•Training by Industry expert professionals
•Fast Track course available with best Fees
•Personal attention and guidance for every student
•We provide Classroom and Online training in Metro Cities
• Finessing your tech skills and help break into the IT field
•We provide one to one mentorship for the students and Working Professionals
•Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Online Trainings.

Who are eligible for Azure Cloud

•Android, Web Design, IOS, Android Development, Android Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Android Software Developer, Android Application Developer
•It Software, .net c#, Java Developer, technical support engineer, Automation Testing, Software Engineer, java, Basis, Sap Basis, Netweaver, Solution
•java, .Net Developer, Selenium Testing, Production Support, Business Analyst, UI Developer, Manual Testing, Sevice Desk Engineer, Unix Support
•QT Developer, STB Domain, CAS, UX DESIGNER, UI Developer, HTML5, CSS3, JAVAScript, JQUERY, FIREWORKS, Adobe Photoshop, Illustratot, Embedded C++
•Web Application Developers, Java Developers, DBA LEAD, DBA Manager, Asset Control developer, embedded software engineer, oracle applications technical


•Serverless computing is the future of Cloud Computing and Serverless is the tool that you need to grow your career!!!
•Learn Azure serverless services with this hands-on, project-based course and truly internalize some highly valuable skills in the world of technology. We will build a serverless web application from start to deployment on the web using Azure services – and with no standalone services or server instances at all! Azure will add more server power when your application needs it, and will take care of scaling back down when you don’t. And you only pay for what you use.
•Building a serverless app using Azure services is a great introduction to the core services Azure offers. As you build the application, you’ll learn and use the following Azure services:
•Azure Functions – Run code on demand that scales automatically.
•API Management – Create and publish secure APIs
•Cosmos DB – For storing and retrieving data at scale.
•Azure ADB2C – For managing users, account creation, and logins securely.
•Azure Blob Storage – Host Single Page Applications (React JS) by enabling static website hosting.
•Section Outline:
•Section 1 – Getting Started: We will get understanding of the course objectives, basics of cloud, Azure & Serverless and how the course is structured
•Section 2 – Azure Serverless Services and Sample Use Cases: We will look at various serverless services offered by azure and a few real world serverless architecture use cases
•Section 3 – Course Project Overview: We will understand the course project architecture, look at the final course project demo and download the project code
•Section 4 – Storing Data in Cosmos DB: We will introduce Cosmos DB which is Azure’s multi-model database offering and create database for our course project
•Section 5 – Compute with Azure Functions: We will learn and create event driven serverless functions in Azure.
•Section 6 – Creating API using API Management: We will create and publish secure API for the course project. This is the base for you to start implementing a complicated API!
•Section 7 – Hosting Serverless UI on Azure Blob Storage: We will use Azure Blob storage container to host our static website in serverless manner and understand security policies to enable it.
•Section 8 – Securing Serverless Applications: We will implement user authentication (sign up/sign in) for our course project using Azure ADB2C service.
•Section 9 – Wrap Up: We will look at pointers to continue your learning adventures of Azure and other cloud technologies.
•This Course Also Comes With:
•Lifetime Access to All Future Updates
•Links to interesting articles, and lots of good code to base your next template onto
•Although this course isn’t targeting any specific Azure certification exam, you’ll leave it with a great foundation of Azure knowledge that will begin to prepare you for them.
•Serverless is the way of future and you can get started today and become an expert. Let’s have some fun and build some awesome stuff in cloud together!
•Who this course is for:
•Anyone who wants to learn about highly scalable and cost-efficient serverless applications
•Developers who want to learn hands on about Azure’s serverless services
•Solutions architect who want to understand how serverless apps are architected, built and deployed using the best practices on Azure
•Getting Started
•What is Cloud?
•What is Azure?
•What is Serveless?
•Create an Azure Account
•How to get most out of this course?
•Azure Serverless Services and Use Cases
•Storing Data in Cosmos DB
•Compute with Azure Functions
•Creating API using API Management
•Hosting Serverless UI on Azure Blob Storage
•Securing Serverless Application